What’s Your LinkedIn Profile Style? Choosing the Perfect Fit

When designing your LinkedIn profile, think about hats. A hat makes a statement and adds some style to the persona you present to the world. So here’s the hat version of three common approaches to LinkedIn.

The Basic Cap

boring LinkedIn profile.jpg

This is someone who heard LinkedIn was something you should be on, so they took a selfie, spent five minutes on the text, and haven’t given a thought to it since. They never got any business through LinkedIn, but they assume it’s a problem with the site, not their profile.

The Novelty Hat

crazy LinkedIn profile.jpg

This profile is overflowing with personality! They’ve got a definite style and they aren’t shy about it. It’s a great approach if you’re, say, a rodeo clown or a novelty hat designer, but it may not be an effective approach if you want your profile to be taken seriously.

The Chic Chapeau

stylish LinkedIn  profile.jpg

A  little personality can help you stand out from the crowd; tell people who you are and what you do with stylish simplicity. Presenting an image that works for your brand and text that clearly specifies your unique strengths goes a long way.

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